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4-6ft swell atleast!

After writing my last post me and domy had a few more beers. We then bailed to bed after a few hundred laughs!

The next morning we grabbed a feed, ordered some "where is kerry ussher?" stickers and meet jills. We packed up and headed up to balangin. The scotter ride up was again so much fun! Half way down the road to balangin i had a yarn to a guy and i asked him about the waves. HE said it was double over head!!!!!!!!!!!!! i amped out and hooned down to the beach. IT WASS PERFECT !!!!! we quickly drove down to the baeach and found a play to stay. I was so amped i was rushing to wax my ussher gun and i just put wax bloobs all over the baord.

The place we decided to satyd in is on the beach, 5 m from the water. It has wooden boards with massive gaps in the floor. There are three rooms with woven kinda flax walls. The rooms have 2 matresses oin the floor. Its such and awsome place. The power is by generator and there is no toilet.

Mikes baord had a massive smash in the rail from the scotter ride and he had to get it fixed at the ding repair guy down the beach. I quickly waxed my gun and was into the waves. It was pretty intense duck diving 6ft+ hollow waves on my gun but i got out the back and caught an epic wave! i pulled in and got the biggest barrel in my life!!! It was about 1.5 m deep and i just pig-dogged but i reckon i could have stood up! I surfed all day and got some awsome waves.

Mike followed me out on his gun shortlly after.

that night we just chilled out and meet two nice aussies, tracy and john. We have befriended them now. We had a few beers at the cafe / bamboo hut next door and domy boy and jills had dinner there. After wards we went back to the local flax huts and had some beers and me and mike had dinner. We just stayed at balangin the night, me and domy were real excited and couldnt sleep. I climed all around the bamboo hut. me and dom couldnt stop laughing and we were waking everyone up so i decided to sleep on the beach in my board bag. The next morning i was in the surf again early as. I surfed balangin came in for pancakes and surfed again. Mike and jills then went to kuta to get some stuff. me and domy scottered to uluwatu and i went for a wave. It was frecken awsome, i got a massive barrel at race tracks first wave and some sick waves. Domy sat up on top of the cave and chillllllllllled.

i got pestered and bought a t-shirt then me and domy got a feeeeeeeeeeed. After the feed we hooned back to balangin. i had 2 more surf at abalnagin to bring my total up to 5 for the day:) i got out of the water on dark.

So stoked on the waves, we then all meet tracy and john for a few beers. We meet a guy called doggy the man, he runs surf boat trips and he hung out with us all night. We all drove to a mexican place by padang in a taxi truck thingy. We took a short cut from balangin to dreamland which was doggy as. It was offroad extreme with little bridges that looked like they might fall down. We made it to the mexican place that is ran by a crazy brazilian guy who swears his head of, but is he is awsome. The food was so sweet, and so were the margareters :)

After the feed and many yarns we left for home half chopped. We went back to johns and tracy's hotel and jumped in the pool and had some more beers. We than al bailed home and walked down a rough stoney track pretty drunk.

We checked out a fire down the beach and mike let fo some doggy fireworks. Our irish mate was passed out on the beach by the fire. I was tired as so i went back to bed! Domy and mike satyed out for a little longer and span some yarns.

This morning we waoke up a little later. I headed out into the surf with my yellow board because my gun was gettin a ding repair after i smashed my knee on it. I surfed for 30 mins, nto long cause my rash from my baord was gettin to me. There are also thesess little sea lice things that bite you. After the surf we agreed over breakfast with diggy to go on his baot trip. We had to come back to kuta to grab all our gear and money. On the way out of balangin my tire popped so me and domy had to double, pretty wile. Me and domy on a 125cc scotter hooning down the highway

we are back in kuta getting our gear and getting organised!

we are going back to balangin soon and then to padang to hit it :)


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A long but awsome day!

you buy for morning price my friend!

snow 50 °C

Mike dragged me and domy out of bed at 2am - good cunt - he was ripped as with some of his mates from last year

What a loose day i have had - its been long and awsome. I woke up to mike getting home pissed as a skunk at 5.15am. Mike arrived and woke me up - that was my que to hit the waves. Off to uluwatu to check the waves. I meet some aussie guy who does human anatomy. I had a few yarns and some wavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves - caught a heavy as wave - epic. After the surf i bailed home, had my free breaky and me and mike went out middles. Like 40 billion guys out there.I got a couple of waves but it was average! We cruised in grabbed heaps of cokes and skulled them and a feed at rainbows!

We decided to do a mission on the scotters. Dom hired a scooter - yeoow. We had to go and pick up mikes hizzy from pad. So we cruised round there. She doubled with mikey boy. After we picked har up domy bot had an altication on his scotter with a car - he just bailed. Im not sure quite what happened but thats a yarn for another time. We all drove to the monkey tempal. We saw some monkesy eats some nuts and fight each other. The monkey tempal was pretty cool. After the monkey tempal we went to dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam land, which is now more like dirt / commercial crap land! But all gooooooooooooooooooooooood kinda. We cruised over a golf course to balangin, we ended up giving up half way cause it was getting too late. Then it all began to turn to cusatard, well kinda........

Mike and jills were slow so me and domy just hooned on. We were sweet untill we got to the highway. There was a mega roadblokage. Matty boi (me) tried to take a short cut - bad idea!!!!!!! We got severly lost, there was cars bumper to bumpper and scotters everywhere, crammed up like sardenes. Honestly it was complete madness!!!! me and domy drove on side walks, through alleys, the wrong way down 1 way roads and even into a bus terminal for 2 hours. We had nearly ran out of fuel and it was gettin dark. We just couldnt find our way to the pad. We drove everywhere. We finally got back after 2 hours on the road, domy boy stiil was staining over the car he had hit - so we had to take the backdoor entrance - otherwise domy boy would have been stabbed cheap price petrol. Mike had just got home as well but had bailed. Me and domy went to a restraunt and gooooot a mean feed, and 2 large bintangs each! They were awsome!

dommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy just bought me a bintang - its my 9th! yepppppp yeppppppppp yuuuuuuuuuup

anyway we meet som aussie guy who had ate some mushrooms 2 days previously. HE said "im here to get pissed and chase pussy (and have mushy shakes). He was from perth, he gave us yarn or 33 about mushrooms (he was a vinyl layer) He was a good guy. After the feed we had seperate showers. I relised i had been wearing the saem clothes for 3 days. SO i just wrepped a sawrong (not right spelling) aroung my member... domy boy did the same. We just cruised down the streeeeeeeeeeet (poppies 2) and found the nearest clothes shop. Me and domy boy bought a tshirt and boardy's each to 120000 dollers (rups) - NZ$18 alllllllllllllll g. Dommy wanted to say i got naked in the shop - a bit rude really. (the photos are on redtube). Anyway then we got scammed into buying 2 paintings for 100000 rup. Not to bad i guess - (they are mean as paintings, i might even give it to aunty g)

Me and domy were looking pretty smart in ouut new uniforms. SO why not treat our selevs to a few bers at the local across the road. We had 1x bintang and 1x aruka each. The drinks were nice and we saw the auissie mushroom guy we had meet several hours ago at the restraunt. Mike finally showed up. he had skipped dinner and as having a liquid dinner at the twisted monkey (ie bintangs). We then decided all to go to the twistewd monkey and pay of last nights tab which was a bit pricey after we shouted everyone in the bar mudie-fucker specials! ME and mike got distracted and checked out some surfboars that were 3.5 million rups. Domy boy ran past as and got to the twisted very quick for cheap transport (bintang skull - means me and domy are going to skulllllllll right now in front of the mainframe (PC))) We cruised to the twisted monkey and caught up with jills and some aussie guys. Pretty tired i skulled several beers and chilled. Me and mike then got alpha on the laptop and loaded on some kora. We changed the music from rap crap to a mix of kora, foo foghters, jack johnson and the chillies! Mike wanted to play queens of leon but i wouldnt let him! (haha miks going to amp)

I nearly fell asleep on mikes shoulder....

we decided to bail and head back to suka. After a quick stint at the online cafe i was planning to go to sleeeeeeep time for cheap price morning special. We are stil hacking travellers blod an hour later (time is 11.05). This is going to cost me like 10000OOOOOOO dollers i mean rups ( actuallly like $0.0000000000000516823 cents NZ) Domy boy supplied me with a bintang through this writing. SO 10 for me and i am happy for jiggy jig in kuta town for special price!


im OUT!
im ogg to kremass at 5am - right hander

the guy next me speaks 4 languages - crazy!

doms claiming he can speak maori

hes yarning

he is spinning a yarn about maori and hawiekekhe - the original NZ maori town

he is talking complete smack

"traded acres, like kilometers, bought 100 acres for 2 blankets, like really bad, really bad, and the maori are still pissed off about it, 1 maori in every , in every, 4% of NZ, we embrace them. My ancestors come from holland, it was treaty, a treaty of waitangi. It was all the fair trade and what not, not good, not good" domy boy bali 08 spinning a yarn



life is a yarn


LIFE - live, love, surf!

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Bali - im here


We caught the plane from brunei to jakarta. It was pretty awsome there were like 40 people on the whole plane. We could just sleep where ever so i grabbed 3 seats, put up all the arm rests and napstered it! We got to jakarta it was sweet straight through customs and all that jazz/ customs didnt even exits that early in the morning.

We had to then hang in jakarta for several hours(like 7) - it was horrible. We meet upn with a couple of chickes who were going to make orangitang shelters - so we span siome yarns with them. We ate some donuts and waited for our flight. after 6 hours we went to check in at out flight and our tickets had expired. They sait we had to wait another hour and a half. 1.5 hours passed and they still ahdnt sorted it - the plane was departing in 10. Domy bois ticket was fine so he was of alone to get on the plane. 5 mins befoer the plane departed they said we could buy 2 buisness tiockets for 154 yank dollers. I bought the tickets and mike checked in the bags - 5 mins before deparitng. We checked in our backs and the fonal call came over the speaker so we started running. We ran through the airport to agte f7. I was sliding all over the show my feet were so sweaty. Security let us straight through without even checking a thing. We got on the plane, sat in out buisness class cheers and ordered a bintang - beautiful!

We got a mean feed and saw jakarta from above - IT WAS FRECKEN HUGE CITY! - it went forever.

then we saw a volcanoe erupting!

we decided not to tell dom (who was in economy class - poor as g) we were on the plane just to keep him freaking!

we made it to bali in 2 hours. hid form dom untill we collected our bags - it was some funny stuff!

we meet a zimbawaen guy and shared a taxi with him. We taxied to the suka beach in, got 2 rooms - dom and zim in one, me and mike in the other (sharing a double bed hahah) we dropped of our gear headed to the twisted monkey for a beer, then a surf at kuta, then back to the suka.

we were asleep by 5pm, zim went drinking amnd then got attacked by bed bugs(he bailed this morning) me and mike slept to 5am then woke up hired scooters and went to uluwatu wuth a couple of aussi guys (the got home from town when we were leaving the suka). We burned 30 mins, ran away from cops, got lost at a monkey temple, saw a dead dog and then got into the uluwatu and into the surf. 3-4ft. Mikes leggy came of first wave haha funny shit. We hooned home and after the surf and lost the aussie guys on the way.

We then caught up with domy boy who said zim had bailed. Domy bot decided to move into our room - he now sleeps on a matress on the floor! It saves us alot of money staying in the room with 3 ppeople. We now only pay 30000 rup ($5) instead of 45000 rup ($7) sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

after the surf we had our free breaky and just chilled out. We bought some cheap goods and then bailed to kuta, then round the block to sky garden for a feed, then back to the suka, then back to kuta. We meet some aussie bodyboarder and went out middles on a boat - it was 4ft, fast and punchy!

2 hours later we were on the beach drinking bintangs and coke. I bought 2 male skirts(i cant think of the name for them atm. Some lady said she would cut my throat out and my bananna off if i didnt buy one - so i did!

Back to suka then to to rainbowas for a feed and 3 large bintanghs and 1 small one. Meet 2 guys form aussie - one doing surveying. And mikes canadian girl

Then to twisted monkey - i bought like frecken 50 million braclets of these kids for like $2. Now just walking back and decided to hack - time to get to sleep - new sweeeeeeeeeeeeeel tommorw, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace and love

mat - after 7 normal sized bintangs!

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Oakura to Brunei

the bois are tired and jet lagged!

semi-overcast 30 °C

We started out leaving oaks at 11pm on saterday night. Ang drove the first leg and mike drove the second leg. Thanks to Angy for driving us up! I slept in the back of the van between the board bags, domy boy couldnt sleep he was throathing so much!

Mike was being a clown and drove all over the road like domy boi and travo running away from tornados! When we got to auckland mike drifted the slab (MRU) over 4 lanes and a cop was not impressed, he put his lights on and came after us, but he soon gave up the chase!

We arrived at auckland airport and domy boi was still feeling the hangover so he bought a rude detox cellary juice thingy that tasted like dirt! We done all the airport jazz with only one minor hickup! I tried taking 200ml of sunblock in my hand luggage (you are only aloud 100ml). My coconut sunblock therefore had to get destroyed!

We just chilled out and checked out the brunei plane. We meet a guy called jonny from florida (AKA 6 toes) cause he had six toes on one of his feet. He was just transfering at auckland to brisbane for a surf mission. We had to give him a quick geography lesson because he thought he was in the south island!

We jumped on the plane and domy boy and mike got to sit togeather. I had to loner it but i sat by and met a chick called Bex who was pretty sweet. Bex was off to london. Mike got a blood nose and there was blood everywhere.

We stopped of in brisbane for 45 minutes and grabbed a few beers and a tracks mag. Dom was loving it because the pornos wernt sealed in the shop!

We then left brisbane on the same plane for brunei! I had a sleep but mike and dom didnt. They have been up since saterday morning and havnt slept for 40 hours. Mike and dom are still suffering from the hangover. We finally made it to brunei. Its 30 degrees here and humid. The time is 8.30pm , we fly out to jakarta at 12pm. The sultan hooked us up with a feed voucher. We got a nice as curry with salad - mean as. Mike got a root beer drink which tasted like mouth wash! Sweet just going to go and chill out and wait for the flight, uluwatu was craniking today like 6ft - yeooooooooooow cant wait!



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JUST AT MIKES THROATHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike has just gone to treat himself over the plane tickets

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