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We caught the plane from brunei to jakarta. It was pretty awsome there were like 40 people on the whole plane. We could just sleep where ever so i grabbed 3 seats, put up all the arm rests and napstered it! We got to jakarta it was sweet straight through customs and all that jazz/ customs didnt even exits that early in the morning.

We had to then hang in jakarta for several hours(like 7) - it was horrible. We meet upn with a couple of chickes who were going to make orangitang shelters - so we span siome yarns with them. We ate some donuts and waited for our flight. after 6 hours we went to check in at out flight and our tickets had expired. They sait we had to wait another hour and a half. 1.5 hours passed and they still ahdnt sorted it - the plane was departing in 10. Domy bois ticket was fine so he was of alone to get on the plane. 5 mins befoer the plane departed they said we could buy 2 buisness tiockets for 154 yank dollers. I bought the tickets and mike checked in the bags - 5 mins before deparitng. We checked in our backs and the fonal call came over the speaker so we started running. We ran through the airport to agte f7. I was sliding all over the show my feet were so sweaty. Security let us straight through without even checking a thing. We got on the plane, sat in out buisness class cheers and ordered a bintang - beautiful!

We got a mean feed and saw jakarta from above - IT WAS FRECKEN HUGE CITY! - it went forever.

then we saw a volcanoe erupting!

we decided not to tell dom (who was in economy class - poor as g) we were on the plane just to keep him freaking!

we made it to bali in 2 hours. hid form dom untill we collected our bags - it was some funny stuff!

we meet a zimbawaen guy and shared a taxi with him. We taxied to the suka beach in, got 2 rooms - dom and zim in one, me and mike in the other (sharing a double bed hahah) we dropped of our gear headed to the twisted monkey for a beer, then a surf at kuta, then back to the suka.

we were asleep by 5pm, zim went drinking amnd then got attacked by bed bugs(he bailed this morning) me and mike slept to 5am then woke up hired scooters and went to uluwatu wuth a couple of aussi guys (the got home from town when we were leaving the suka). We burned 30 mins, ran away from cops, got lost at a monkey temple, saw a dead dog and then got into the uluwatu and into the surf. 3-4ft. Mikes leggy came of first wave haha funny shit. We hooned home and after the surf and lost the aussie guys on the way.

We then caught up with domy boy who said zim had bailed. Domy bot decided to move into our room - he now sleeps on a matress on the floor! It saves us alot of money staying in the room with 3 ppeople. We now only pay 30000 rup ($5) instead of 45000 rup ($7) sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

after the surf we had our free breaky and just chilled out. We bought some cheap goods and then bailed to kuta, then round the block to sky garden for a feed, then back to the suka, then back to kuta. We meet some aussie bodyboarder and went out middles on a boat - it was 4ft, fast and punchy!

2 hours later we were on the beach drinking bintangs and coke. I bought 2 male skirts(i cant think of the name for them atm. Some lady said she would cut my throat out and my bananna off if i didnt buy one - so i did!

Back to suka then to to rainbowas for a feed and 3 large bintanghs and 1 small one. Meet 2 guys form aussie - one doing surveying. And mikes canadian girl

Then to twisted monkey - i bought like frecken 50 million braclets of these kids for like $2. Now just walking back and decided to hack - time to get to sleep - new sweeeeeeeeeeeeeel tommorw, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace and love

mat - after 7 normal sized bintangs!

Posted by MattyBoi 06:11

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