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A long but awsome day!

you buy for morning price my friend!

snow 50 °C

Mike dragged me and domy out of bed at 2am - good cunt - he was ripped as with some of his mates from last year

What a loose day i have had - its been long and awsome. I woke up to mike getting home pissed as a skunk at 5.15am. Mike arrived and woke me up - that was my que to hit the waves. Off to uluwatu to check the waves. I meet some aussie guy who does human anatomy. I had a few yarns and some wavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves - caught a heavy as wave - epic. After the surf i bailed home, had my free breaky and me and mike went out middles. Like 40 billion guys out there.I got a couple of waves but it was average! We cruised in grabbed heaps of cokes and skulled them and a feed at rainbows!

We decided to do a mission on the scotters. Dom hired a scooter - yeoow. We had to go and pick up mikes hizzy from pad. So we cruised round there. She doubled with mikey boy. After we picked har up domy bot had an altication on his scotter with a car - he just bailed. Im not sure quite what happened but thats a yarn for another time. We all drove to the monkey tempal. We saw some monkesy eats some nuts and fight each other. The monkey tempal was pretty cool. After the monkey tempal we went to dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam land, which is now more like dirt / commercial crap land! But all gooooooooooooooooooooooood kinda. We cruised over a golf course to balangin, we ended up giving up half way cause it was getting too late. Then it all began to turn to cusatard, well kinda........

Mike and jills were slow so me and domy just hooned on. We were sweet untill we got to the highway. There was a mega roadblokage. Matty boi (me) tried to take a short cut - bad idea!!!!!!! We got severly lost, there was cars bumper to bumpper and scotters everywhere, crammed up like sardenes. Honestly it was complete madness!!!! me and domy drove on side walks, through alleys, the wrong way down 1 way roads and even into a bus terminal for 2 hours. We had nearly ran out of fuel and it was gettin dark. We just couldnt find our way to the pad. We drove everywhere. We finally got back after 2 hours on the road, domy boy stiil was staining over the car he had hit - so we had to take the backdoor entrance - otherwise domy boy would have been stabbed cheap price petrol. Mike had just got home as well but had bailed. Me and domy went to a restraunt and gooooot a mean feed, and 2 large bintangs each! They were awsome!

dommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy just bought me a bintang - its my 9th! yepppppp yeppppppppp yuuuuuuuuuup

anyway we meet som aussie guy who had ate some mushrooms 2 days previously. HE said "im here to get pissed and chase pussy (and have mushy shakes). He was from perth, he gave us yarn or 33 about mushrooms (he was a vinyl layer) He was a good guy. After the feed we had seperate showers. I relised i had been wearing the saem clothes for 3 days. SO i just wrepped a sawrong (not right spelling) aroung my member... domy boy did the same. We just cruised down the streeeeeeeeeeet (poppies 2) and found the nearest clothes shop. Me and domy boy bought a tshirt and boardy's each to 120000 dollers (rups) - NZ$18 alllllllllllllll g. Dommy wanted to say i got naked in the shop - a bit rude really. (the photos are on redtube). Anyway then we got scammed into buying 2 paintings for 100000 rup. Not to bad i guess - (they are mean as paintings, i might even give it to aunty g)

Me and domy were looking pretty smart in ouut new uniforms. SO why not treat our selevs to a few bers at the local across the road. We had 1x bintang and 1x aruka each. The drinks were nice and we saw the auissie mushroom guy we had meet several hours ago at the restraunt. Mike finally showed up. he had skipped dinner and as having a liquid dinner at the twisted monkey (ie bintangs). We then decided all to go to the twistewd monkey and pay of last nights tab which was a bit pricey after we shouted everyone in the bar mudie-fucker specials! ME and mike got distracted and checked out some surfboars that were 3.5 million rups. Domy boy ran past as and got to the twisted very quick for cheap transport (bintang skull - means me and domy are going to skulllllllll right now in front of the mainframe (PC))) We cruised to the twisted monkey and caught up with jills and some aussie guys. Pretty tired i skulled several beers and chilled. Me and mike then got alpha on the laptop and loaded on some kora. We changed the music from rap crap to a mix of kora, foo foghters, jack johnson and the chillies! Mike wanted to play queens of leon but i wouldnt let him! (haha miks going to amp)

I nearly fell asleep on mikes shoulder....

we decided to bail and head back to suka. After a quick stint at the online cafe i was planning to go to sleeeeeeep time for cheap price morning special. We are stil hacking travellers blod an hour later (time is 11.05). This is going to cost me like 10000OOOOOOO dollers i mean rups ( actuallly like $0.0000000000000516823 cents NZ) Domy boy supplied me with a bintang through this writing. SO 10 for me and i am happy for jiggy jig in kuta town for special price!


im OUT!
im ogg to kremass at 5am - right hander

the guy next me speaks 4 languages - crazy!

doms claiming he can speak maori

hes yarning

he is spinning a yarn about maori and hawiekekhe - the original NZ maori town

he is talking complete smack

"traded acres, like kilometers, bought 100 acres for 2 blankets, like really bad, really bad, and the maori are still pissed off about it, 1 maori in every , in every, 4% of NZ, we embrace them. My ancestors come from holland, it was treaty, a treaty of waitangi. It was all the fair trade and what not, not good, not good" domy boy bali 08 spinning a yarn



life is a yarn


LIFE - live, love, surf!

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