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4-6ft swell atleast!

After writing my last post me and domy had a few more beers. We then bailed to bed after a few hundred laughs!

The next morning we grabbed a feed, ordered some "where is kerry ussher?" stickers and meet jills. We packed up and headed up to balangin. The scotter ride up was again so much fun! Half way down the road to balangin i had a yarn to a guy and i asked him about the waves. HE said it was double over head!!!!!!!!!!!!! i amped out and hooned down to the beach. IT WASS PERFECT !!!!! we quickly drove down to the baeach and found a play to stay. I was so amped i was rushing to wax my ussher gun and i just put wax bloobs all over the baord.

The place we decided to satyd in is on the beach, 5 m from the water. It has wooden boards with massive gaps in the floor. There are three rooms with woven kinda flax walls. The rooms have 2 matresses oin the floor. Its such and awsome place. The power is by generator and there is no toilet.

Mikes baord had a massive smash in the rail from the scotter ride and he had to get it fixed at the ding repair guy down the beach. I quickly waxed my gun and was into the waves. It was pretty intense duck diving 6ft+ hollow waves on my gun but i got out the back and caught an epic wave! i pulled in and got the biggest barrel in my life!!! It was about 1.5 m deep and i just pig-dogged but i reckon i could have stood up! I surfed all day and got some awsome waves.

Mike followed me out on his gun shortlly after.

that night we just chilled out and meet two nice aussies, tracy and john. We have befriended them now. We had a few beers at the cafe / bamboo hut next door and domy boy and jills had dinner there. After wards we went back to the local flax huts and had some beers and me and mike had dinner. We just stayed at balangin the night, me and domy were real excited and couldnt sleep. I climed all around the bamboo hut. me and dom couldnt stop laughing and we were waking everyone up so i decided to sleep on the beach in my board bag. The next morning i was in the surf again early as. I surfed balangin came in for pancakes and surfed again. Mike and jills then went to kuta to get some stuff. me and domy scottered to uluwatu and i went for a wave. It was frecken awsome, i got a massive barrel at race tracks first wave and some sick waves. Domy sat up on top of the cave and chillllllllllled.

i got pestered and bought a t-shirt then me and domy got a feeeeeeeeeeed. After the feed we hooned back to balangin. i had 2 more surf at abalnagin to bring my total up to 5 for the day:) i got out of the water on dark.

So stoked on the waves, we then all meet tracy and john for a few beers. We meet a guy called doggy the man, he runs surf boat trips and he hung out with us all night. We all drove to a mexican place by padang in a taxi truck thingy. We took a short cut from balangin to dreamland which was doggy as. It was offroad extreme with little bridges that looked like they might fall down. We made it to the mexican place that is ran by a crazy brazilian guy who swears his head of, but is he is awsome. The food was so sweet, and so were the margareters :)

After the feed and many yarns we left for home half chopped. We went back to johns and tracy's hotel and jumped in the pool and had some more beers. We than al bailed home and walked down a rough stoney track pretty drunk.

We checked out a fire down the beach and mike let fo some doggy fireworks. Our irish mate was passed out on the beach by the fire. I was tired as so i went back to bed! Domy and mike satyed out for a little longer and span some yarns.

This morning we waoke up a little later. I headed out into the surf with my yellow board because my gun was gettin a ding repair after i smashed my knee on it. I surfed for 30 mins, nto long cause my rash from my baord was gettin to me. There are also thesess little sea lice things that bite you. After the surf we agreed over breakfast with diggy to go on his baot trip. We had to come back to kuta to grab all our gear and money. On the way out of balangin my tire popped so me and domy had to double, pretty wile. Me and domy on a 125cc scotter hooning down the highway

we are back in kuta getting our gear and getting organised!

we are going back to balangin soon and then to padang to hit it :)


Posted by MattyBoi 21:26

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..what up kunt, and kunts... not enough Bintang mentioing there mate~ should be smashing back bevies in the barrels mate.. I miss you. been jamming the frozen white stuff back here son's- she's a ripping season. did I mention that I miss you. word

by Nick268

...[that was by mr Radford]

by Nick268

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